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Video Security Systems Can Help Cut Costs

5 Ways a Video Security System Can Help Cut Costs

As a property manager, staff and tenant safety is a top priority. A focus on security not only improves resident satisfaction but when you combine modern camera technology with intelligent rules-based software surveillance and monitoring, it can have a positive impact on your bottom line. Here are five ways the next generation of video surveillance…
Surveillance cameras on light post

Protecting Your Perimeter: How to Stop the Outside from Getting In

On the battlefield, the perimeter is your front line of defense, blocking the enemy from intruding on your territory. Throughout history, some of those front lines were thought impenetrable but were breached with the smallest of openings or poor weather conditions.
Parking Lot Sign

How Does Video Security Help Parking Lot Safety?

Parking lots are both convenient and a hassle. They’re perfect for parking our vehicles away from traffic and are convenient to our place of business or shopping area. They can also be hazardous to navigate and are prone to accidents, crime, and vandalism. Does video security help parking lot safety? Let’s find out.
Video Security Camera

How Smart is Your Video Security?

Shouldn’t your video security system be at least as smart as a potential criminal?  Shouldn’t it prevent, not just record, a crime?   A potential crime or an innocent meetup between friends? Can your video security system tell the difference?   It’s not likely as most video surveillance systems only record.  They aren’t smart enough…
Apartment Complex Parking Lot

Why Protecting Apartment Parking Lots Is A Top Priority

It’s a scary statistic, but apartment managers should be aware: More than 1 in 10 property crimes occur in parking lots or garages. Parking lots are easy targets for criminals because they can break into a large number of cars in a short amount of time. The darker the parking lot the better for thieves…
School Surveillance Cameras

3 Ways Video Surveillance Improves School Safety

Now that summer is over, college students and their parents are preparing for another school year away from home. The lists of supplies seem to get longer every year, but there’s one thing that stays constant in a parent’s mind. According to a Gallup poll taken in 2018, 35% of parents fear their child’s safety…