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RESOLUTE PARTNERS asked Business Development Manager Christopher Reeves about 2020 trends in video security.

Q: What do you see as the biggest trend in video security for 2020?

A: I see a greater focus on the customer experience in 2020, with products that provide a simpler, easier-to-share, and more personalized end-user experience. Cloud-based storage and analytics like face recognition and object detection are the biggest needs across all industries. But these technologies must include easy to use software that can be accessed on the go and easy to share internally or externally, and above all, secure. With our partner, Avigilon, we’re meeting this trend head-on. There are a lot of security systems out there, but they are more reactive. We offer a proactive approach to what customers want in video security.

Q: What technological advances have you seen lately that makes video security something everyone should be considering?

A: Improved camera technology such as higher megapixels and a 360-degree view from a single camera will become a greater focus. Our 360 cameras have the ability to capture more with one camera. Older technology required multiple cameras to capture one area. For example, you had to install three cameras to capture one hallway or four or more cameras to record an entire intersection. Our latest technology has up to four cameras in one, which means you can achieve more with a single camera, saving you money on equipment and installation costs.

Far exceeding outdated camera technology, our 32 megapixel HD cameras provide more valuable and usable footage with software that reduces bandwidth by only utilizing the footage you need in order to investigate an event.

Q: What specific vertical or industry do you see video security being a perfect match for in 2020 and beyond?

A: While anyone with personnel or assets to protect can benefit from quality video security, there is a high demand for the housing industry.

For multifamily housing complexes, it will become increasingly important in 2020 to look at video security as a necessity to prevent crime and reduce negative behavior rather than a luxury expenditure. With our video security cameras and supporting software, property managers can create watch lists with immediate alerts of anyone who shouldn’t be on the property, capture license plates in any lighting condition, and monitor congregating groups.

Other industries where our video security systems are perfectly suited for are energy, education, retail, public safety, healthcare, cannabis, automobile, and assisted or senior living.

Q: What’s the one big customer concern you always run into and how do you put their minds at ease when it comes to video security?

A: Cost is often the most frequent concern from customers who want video security. They are often put off by the price when they see all the technology, bandwidth, people, and time that is involved for total coverage. Customers often wait until an event happens and then are forced to take immediate action. We see the conversation shifting in 2020 from a reactive to a proactive approach and finding the right solution that makes sense for a customer’s needs and budget.

Q: Are recent privacy concerns a factor in how video security systems operate?

A: Secure video surveillance has become a major concern for businesses and customers in all industries, especially in privacy protection. Our software has the ability to block out specific information during surveillance to protect private data and personnel. For example, cameras used in a multifamily housing complex could be set up to block the face of a child for their protection or block a computer screen with patient data in a hospital setting.

Also, our product is made in the U.S. for the most part, unlike many competitors whose products are produced in China, which have been linked to cybersecurity concerns.

Q: Is Artificial Intelligence, or AI, being implemented into Video Security?

A: Artificial Intelligence-based surveillance analytics is driving the video security industry in 2020 and beyond. Our partner, Avigilon, is at the forefront of AI for video security, and it’s what differentiates us from competitors. Our systems feature applications like behavior analytics, object detection, motion detection, and tracking. Ultimately, AI-based video security gives property managers of multiple family complexes access to real-time events for faster response and investigation to ensure the safety and protection of their tenants.

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